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    On Thursday April 30th Joe Corradino AICP and President of The Corradino Group

    made a presentation to the Coalition members on Doral's traffic issues and transportation plans

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    We would like to thank again those of you who attended the information session on the City Budget. For those of you who missed the event, Coalition Steering Committee member Norberto Spangaro gave a survey on how the City of Doral uses your tax dollars. The City Budget affects all of the taxpayers of Doral. We hope that this event encourages our members to keep a close eye on how the City spends your hard earned money. As the PSA at the end of every classic G.I. Joe cartoon says, and I paraphrase, "now you know, and knowing is half the battle." We hope that this information will inspire you to keep our elected officials and City staff accountable to the residents and businesses of Doral. Remember, it's your money!

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    On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, the City Council voted against the Transal Project 3-2 after initially favoring the project back in the July 2014 Zoning Meeting.

    The Coalition would like to thank its members for standing up to the developers and the City Council on behalf of the residents of Doral. A special thanks goes out to Michael Wermuth, Rick Morales, Carlos Mariaca, Norberto Spangaro, Alberto J. Ruiz and Linda Scott for their presence and/or speeches to the City Council during the Zoning Meeting. Their contributions, among with other unnamed members, made this victory for the City and its people possible.

    If the Transal Project would have passed, then it would have provided developers with the green light to apply for projects that go against the City's Comprehensive Master Plan, the plan that provides the City with structured growth, which would have lead to a decrease in the City and resident's quality of life, including detrimental effects to the logistics industry.


    For Transal:

    Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz
    Councilwoman Christie Fraga

    Against Transal:

    Mayor Luigi Boria
    Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez
    Councilwoman Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera

    We would also like to thank the Mayor and Councilwomen Ana Maria and Bettina for supporting the residents and businesses of Doral in their opposition to Transal.

    The fight is far from over! The developers may want to appeal to circumvent the will of the residents of Doral. We need your help to continue to make Doral the place where people go to live, work, play and learn! If you are a member, then please contact our Executive Director Daniel Buigas (danielb@doralcommunitycoalition.org) to see how you can help and contribute to the Coalition's mission. If you are not a member, then what are you waiting for! JOIN US NOW (click on the link above titled "Join Us")! For more information, please contact danielb@doralcommunitycoalition.org.

  • 04 Sep 2014 3:21 PM | Norberto Spangaro (Administrator)

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    Doral Charter Amendments Election Results

    English Article: http://hrld.us/1pGqCEb

    Artìculo en Español: http://hrld.us/1mRh2d1

    County-wide Election Results (Amendments Individual Vote and Percentage Breakdown begins on page 7): http://bit.ly/1q4yzCZ

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    Thank you to those who attended our Information Session. Below find an article from the Herald summarizing the event:


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    The City Council has called for a Special Council Meeting to be held on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 6 pm at the City of Doral, City Hall, 3rd Floor Council Chambers located at 8401 N.W. 53rd Terrace, Doral, FL 33166. The Council Meeting is on to subject to adopt language for Charter Amendments proposed by the City Council for the November 2014 Special Election. No other information was provided by the City. Please make sure to attend and tell others.

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    City of Doral hires former Miami Beach police chief Don De Lucca as its new Chief of Police.  For more information, please refer to the link below.


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    On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, the City Council reconsidered its position on proposing a charter amendment that would have given the Council the power to change the proposed charter amendments drafted by the Charter Review Commission before going to the ballot. This achievement could not have been done without the input from Doral Community Coalition member Claudia Mariaca and Gigi Bush, which changed the minds of City Council members that originally favored the proposed amendment. We are grateful for their comments that resulted in our voters being able to decide after all. We would also like to thank Linda Scott for her tireless advocacy and informing our community of the Special Council Meeting.

    Read Miami Heard Article: http://hrld.us/1nop9kP

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