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    On July 9, 2014, the City Council approved the Transal Park and Contempo Townhomes projects in their first readings and the Doral Gateway project in its second reading. The voting breakdown of each project can be found below:

    Contempo Townhomes

    Unanimously approved by the City Council – 5-0.

    Transal Park

    Approved by City Council – 3-2.

    Approved: Mayor Luigi Boria, Vice Mayor Christie Fraga and Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz

    Opposed: Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez and Councilwoman Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera

    Doral Gateway

    Approved by City Council – 3-2.

    Approved: Mayor Luigi Boria, Vice Mayor Christie Fraga and Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz

    Opposed: Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez and Councilwoman Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera

    The Coalition would like to thank Michael Wermuth, Jesse Jones, Morgan Levy, and the others who attended the very lengthy zoning meeting on the Coalition’s behalf, for representing the community and letting the City Council know what the community thinks about these projects.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we need your help. We cannot take on the political powers and money-laced developers without your support. We need more members to make contributions and volunteer to prevent Doral from becoming a City controlled by developers. Growth and development are great but as long as the residents have a say. The City needs to develop a methodology when choosing what projects to support through an updated comprehensive master plan. We need to let the City know that we need better roads and traffic flow. If you are a member, then please tell your family and friends to join us and become a member. If you are not a member, then what are you waiting for??!! We must let our elected officials know where we stand! The Doral Community Coalition is the unified voice that can help us keep Doral as the place people go to live, work, play and learn!

  • 29 May 2014 8:12 PM | Deleted user
    The Doral Community Coalition obtained another victory for the residents of Doral!  On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, members J. Michael Wermuth, Ricardo Morales, Christian Mazzola and Jesse Jones spoke to City Council and demanded that the Council halt its support of projects that continue to amend and change the City's Comprehensive Master Plan.  The Coalition instructed the City Council to re-evaluate the Comprehensive Master Plan with the input of its residents and place a moratorium on its consideration of projects that require amending the Comprehensive Master Plan.  Our Coalition members' comments persuaded our City Council.  The City Council unanimously voted to review/evaluate/study/revise the City's Comprehensive Master Plan!  
  • 17 May 2014 6:52 PM | Deleted user

    Below find a link to a summary video that shows Doral Community Coalition members Michael Wermuth and Jerry Howie express their concerns about the City Council's willingness to vote in favor of constantly changing the City's Comprehensive Master Plan to the highest bidding developer with little to no input from City residents.  The City's Comprehensive Master Plan is designed to ensure that the City contains a good balance of residential, business, mixed and other zones to control and foster a City's growth, ensure a high quality of life, reduce and control traffic, maintain good property values, ensure economic growth and etc.  As expressed by Mr. Wermuth, who spoke on behalf of the Doral Community Coalition, we want Doral residents included in the process when the amending of the City's Master Plan is called to question; otherwise, developers will have the ability to change the City's Master Plan without the consent of the community's residents, which in turn leads to the demise of Doral's quality of life.  Please tell our elected officials not to mess with the Master Plan without first consulting with its constituents! 

  • 14 May 2014 9:31 AM | Deleted user

    The Miami Herald published our letter to the editor in response to our City's current City Manager crisis.  We hope that our letter places our elected officials on notice that they must do their due diligence in screening the most highly qualified candidates for the City Manager position.  Our residents and businesses require it and deserve it.  Read our letter on the following website:  http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/05/13/4115297/doral-city-manager-search-is-an.html

    English and Spanish Version of the Letter:


    Our community, the City of Doral, finds itself at a cross roads with an opportunity to change the pattern of poor governance that has taken place over the last 17 months.

    The politicizing of the affairs of the City, from Board appointments to the selection of vendors, is not good for proper governance. The necessity to move forward in an open and transparent way wherein the elected officials focus on public policy and do not get involved in the administrative process of the City's day to day operations (as specified in our City charter) is critical for the morale of the fine men and women who work as employees of the City for the benefit of our community.

    The dismissal of the City Manager, regardless of the way it was conducted, provides an opportunity to start a new era of transparency and proper processes to govern the city.

    The Doral Community Coalition emphatically proposes that the new City Manager be selected via a thorough process with the following considerations:

    1. Qualifications

    The City Manager should have a minimum of a four-year degree in Public Administration or a comparable education (degree);

    The City Manager shall have a minimum of five (5) years of experience in a government administration management position;

    The City shall conduct a thorough background search and any candidate nominated for the City Manager position shall have no prior record including, but not limited to, any settlements or convictions for past ethical violations at the local, state or federal level;

    The City Manager should preferably be a member of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and, if not a member, shall agree to become a member and be governed by the Ethics Code of said organization.

    2. Hiring Process

    The City Council should retain a professional search firm not associated directly or indirectly with any City Council Member and the firm shall conduct a timely and extensive search under the following guidelines;

    The search firm shall have the responsibility of conducting the search, interviewing the candidates and eventually recommend a list of three candidates to be presented to the Council for comments and interviews.

    The Mayor, after interviewing the three finalists, shall select a name to proffer as his nominee to the City Council as per the City Charter.

    We firmly believe that a thorough and transparent process is absolutely necessary to bring the City of Doral back to a path of proper public ethics and it is in the best interest of the citizens of Doral.

    As many citizens at the Council Meetings have publicly expressed, it is necessary to rebuild the credibility of our City. The manager selection process is a unique opportunity, if done properly and with the proper due diligence, to begin the road back to a true open and transparent government.

    If the selection of the new City Manager is done unilaterally, or even with the input of only a few select council members following solely political interests as opposed to choosing a professional manager who shall manage our administration independently and free of political interests, we will be continuing a path of degradation of our beloved City.

    The Doral Community Coalition calls upon our City Council to follow the above noted process and commit to an open, transparent and professional process in choosing the top appointed administrative official in our City.

    Doral Community Coalition
    May 1, 2014

    Nuestra Ciudad de Doral, se encuentra en un momento crucial teniendo la oportunidad de cambiar el rumbo del pobre manejo de gestión pública que ha transcurrido durante los últimos 17 meses.
    La politización de los asuntos de la Ciudad , desde el nombramiento de miembros de los distintos Comités hasta la selección de proveedores, no es una buen practica para administración publica en general .
    La necesidad de seguir adelante en un camino transparente y abierto donde los oficiales electos se enfoquen en las políticas publicas y no se envuelvan en el proceso administrativo diario de la Ciudad (como esta estipulado en la Carta Constitutiva de la Ciudad) es critico para la moral de los hombres y mujeres que trabajan con dedicación en la Ciudad para beneficio de toda la comunidad. El despido del Gerente de Ciudad, independientemente de la manera que fue conducido, da la oportunidad de iniciar una nueva etapa de transparencia y procesos adecuados para gobernar la Ciudad.
    El Doral Community Coalition enfáticamente propone que el nuevo Gerente de la Ciudad sea seleccionado a través de un proceso diligente con las siguientes consideraciones:
    1. Calificaciones
    El Gerente de la Ciudad debe tener como mínimo un titulo universitario en una carrera de Administración Publica de cuatro años o su equivalente.
    El Gerente de la Ciudad tiene que tener como mínimo cinco (5) años de experiencia en administración publica, a nivel gerencial.
    La Ciudad debe investigar los antecedentes de cualquier candidato nominado para la posición, y este no debe tener ningún historial negativo incluyendo, pero no limitado a cualquier acuerdo o condenas por violaciones éticas a nivel local, estatal o federal.
    El Gerente de la Ciudad debe ser preferiblemente miembro de la International City/County Management Association (ICMA). Si no es miembro debe estar de acuerdo en afiliarse a la asociación y aceptar regirse por el código de ética de dicha organización.
    2. Proceso de selección
    El Consejo de la Ciudad debe contratar a una firma profesional no asociada directa ni indirectamente con ninguno de los miembros del Consejo, y debe conducir en un tiempo prudente una búsqueda intensiva bajo las siguientes guías:
    La firma debe tener la responsabilidad de conducir la búsqueda, entrevistar a los candidatos y eventualmente recomendar una lista de tres candidatos para ser presentado al Consejo para sus entrevistas y comentarios.
    El Alcalde, después de entrevistar a los tres finalistas, seleccionara un nombre que presentara como su nominado al Consejo, de acuerdo a la Constitución de la Ciudad.
    Estamos absolutamente convencidos de que la implementación de un proceso transparente y detallado es absolutamente necesario para que la Ciudad vuelva al camino de la ética pública en beneficio de los ciudadanos de Doral.
    Como muchos ciudadanos lo han expresado en las reuniones del Consejo, es necesario restablecer la credibilidad y confianza en la Ciudad. El proceso de selección del Gerente es una gran oportunidad, de hacerse responsablemente, nos daría la posibilidad de obtener un gobierno pluralista, con Principio, Moral y Etica si es hecho como corresponde, para emprender el camino a un gobierno ético y transparente.
    Si la selección del Gerente es hecha unilateralmente, o solo considerando la opinión de un grupo selecto de concejales, siguiendo únicamente los intereses políticos de éstos, en lugar de buscar profesionales que puedan gerenciar la Ciudad en forma independiente y libres de intereses políticos, nuestra querida Ciudad continuara su camino de degradación.
    El Doral Community Coalition hace un llamado a todos los miembros del Consejo para que sigan el proceso delineado en este comunicado y se comprometan a un proceso abierto, transparente y profesional para elegir al funcionario administrativo mas importante de nuestra Ciudad.

    Doral Community Coalition
    May 1, 2014
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    On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, the City will hold its monthly Council Meeting at 9 am to 2 pm (morning session) and at 6 pm to 8 pm (evening session).  If you can make it, please attend.  The Council Meeting will be held at the Doral Government Center, 3rd Floor Council Chambers located at 8401 NW 53rd Terrace Doral, FL 33166.  If you cannot attend, then make sure to watch the proceedings live.  If you are a Doral resident, then you can watch the proceedings on Channel 77.  If you are outside of Doral or have access to a computer, then you can watch the proceedings live online at http://cityofdoral.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=35&Itemid=175.  
  • 11 May 2014 12:04 PM | Deleted user

    City Council is attempting to pass an ordinance that would reschedule the charter amendment votes to take place on August 26, 2014.  Four members of the Charter Review Commission - Jesse Jones, Christian Mazzola, Jerome Reisman and Raymond George Bush, Jr. - all appointed by the City Council last November, filed a lawsuit seeking an emergency hearing to obtain a declaratory and injunctive relief to prevent the City Council from passing the above ordinance and forcing the City Council to follow the City Charter rules.  Under the City Charter, the amendments proposed by the Charter Review Commission must go to the residents for vote within 60 to 120 days of its submission to the City Council.  The Charter Review Commission submitted the proposed amendments on April 1, 2014, which means that the deadline to hold an election is on July 30, 2014.  

  • 28 Apr 2014 7:55 PM | Deleted user
    The City Council unanimously approved (5-0) the park design conceptualized by Wannemacher Jensen Architects, Inc.  The City hopes to break ground for the park this December.  More info to follow.  During the presentation, the City Council credited the Doral Community Coalition for placing pressure on the City to prioritize its resources to BUILD THE PARK NOW!  We would like to thank our members and the Doral community for applying pressure to our elected officials to make this move possible!
  • 26 Apr 2014 7:41 AM | Deleted user
    Thanks to our dedicated members and the voices of our City residents and businesses, the DCC's petition drive drove city officials to place the 114th Ave at the the top of the City's priorities.  We would like to thank our members and those who signed our petition.  City officials are now on notice that the DCC and its members are a force to be reckoned with!  Please join us on Monday, April 28, 2014 at the Doral Government Center, 3rd Floor Council Chambers to attend the City Council's Special Meeting on the 114th Ave Park beginning at 4 pm.  We want your support to let the City Council know to BUILD THE PARK NOW! 
  • 23 Apr 2014 5:56 PM | Deleted user

    Please join us this Saturday, April 26 as the Coalition co-sponsors College Madness.  If you are a junior or senior in high school, or know of someone that is thinking about matriculating to college, please attend or pass along the flier to those interested. 

  • 15 Apr 2014 9:40 PM | Deleted user
    On April 16, 2014, the City Council may vote to change our Master Plan for the worse!  Joint the Doral Community Coalition in telling our elected officials that the residents and visitors of Doral do not want overdevelopment, increased traffic and an unsightly project in the heart of our City.  Let our eted officials know that we are opposed to the proposed ordinances 2014-12 and 2014-13, which consist of changing the Master Plan for the worse to incorporate the Doral Gateway Project.  Please join the Doral Community Coalition at the Zoning Meeting set for 6 pm at the Doral Government center, 3rd Floor Council Chambers, 8401 NW 53rd Terrace Doral, FL 33166 to let our elected officials know that we oppose the ordinances!  Let your elected officials know to say NO! mayor@cityofdoral.com;christi.fraga@cityofdoral.com;anamaria.rodriguez@cityofdoral.com;bettina@cityofdoral.com;sandra.ruiz@cityofdoral.com.
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